A Solution Economy is the New World for NFPs to Survive and Thrive in

New technology advancements in recent years have changed the landscape of Not-For-Profit and association operations. There has been an emergence of the ‘solution economy’ and this has highlighted how the sector will need to adapt and change to stay relevant in an ever-evolving environment.

Allow Members To Give You Their Data

It’s interesting to note that tech giants don’t carry out surveys in order to gather all their data from consumers. They use other techniques such as data tracking and looking into the workflows and user journeys of their consumers. Associations also need to start employing similar techniques as well as other simple ways of enabling the collection of their members' data. An easy solution is not to send another survey out as chances are that it will have a low response rate and you won’t receive the results you were after.

Survey Failure

Don’t Let Switching Association Membership Software Slow You Down

Making the switch to a new online membership software is not only expensive but time consuming for many associations. Productivity can be slowed down when the transition is taking place, but it’s not all bad news. There are several key approaches that can help make the transition smooth and stress-free for all staff involved and, eventually, members when the new system is live.

Maximum Impact on your Association's Twitter Account

Having your Twitter account aligned with your association’s goals is ideal, along with determining how Twitter can help you achieve these goals. Many associations tend to push out messages that start with verbs like: “attend, come, read or join”. Although these are great for engaging users, too much pushing can overdo your Twitter account. Finding the balance is crucial and there are a number of other techniques that can help engage your members and users.

Recognise Members and Industry Achievements

Don’t Leave your Members Behind – Go Digital and Embrace Technology

Gone are the days of associations communicating to their members via direct mail, as marketing dollars are being moved towards digital campaigns in a big way. This is where associations need to keep up with the changes and embrace the shift towards a more technology driven environment.

There are so many positive aspects to look at with the shift towards digital marketing, with tracking and reporting done almost automatically, and managers able to easily know exactly what return they are getting on their marketing efforts.

No More Direct Mail

Communicate with your Members Effectively with Integrated Newsletter Marketing

Sending emails and newsletters to your members, sponsors and committees should be an easy task for your staff and/or volunteers. Your staff members may not have the time during the week to spend half a day to send one newsletter out to members. If you haven't been sending anything other than renewal reminders and invoices then it may be time to start thinking about marketing additional useful information to members using newsletters.

Newsletter Templates

Employ a Membership Website Today and Reap the Benefits

Members and web users know when they are on a good website and the solution is easy. If users and members can easily navigate around your website finding the information they are looking for quickly, then you are on the right track. But how do you know if your members are having a positive user experience on your website? The answer is simple: if your association is getting regular website user interaction with SIGs, Q&As, news articles, new membership sign-ups and event attendance your membership website is having the desired outcome.

How to Get your Association or NFP Website Ready for 2014 before the Christmas Break

The end of the year is always the busiest period with Christmas parties and project deadlines. Amongst the chaos it's a good idea to take a quick look at your website and make sure everything is updated and ready for the New Year. As more people move towards an internet driven world, connecting with the rest of the globe has never been easier. It is important that your association's membership website is as up to date as possible.

Member Evolution has compiled a quick checklist to make sure you don't miss anything.

1. Update Events

Why your Association and Not-For-Profit needs an Outstanding Membership Website

Around 97% of website visitors who come to your website are looking to do research on your association. This is a high number of people and therefore, your Not-For-Profit website not only has to cater for those looking to make a donation, entice volunteers and new members but also educate visitors about your association's industry.

User Journey

Maximise Sponsorship Income with Thriving Sponsorship Seekers

A challenge exists for associations in receiving ongoing funding from sponsorship in today's competitive environment. Many associations are now seeing a slight decline in membership and/or attendance, highlighting the fact that sponsorship is even more important than previously.

The key to obtaining sponsorship and new sources of revenue is finding the right organisation to become partners with, and using this partnership to find a constant revenue stream. The right partners can assist members in furthering their careers within the industry.