Looking to Increase your Twitter Followers within your NFP or Association?

Twitter is something your membership management organisation can pick up fairly easily and there are many great tools and techniques out there that will improve your associations twitter account. If you invest a bit of time into it at the start it will help you get a better understanding as well as getting a plan in place to maximise your accounts exposure.

What Responsive Web Design Really Means for NFPs

Whether we are talking about apps that replace credit cards, curved glass, or wearable tech, smartphones are definitely a hot topic. These technology advancements excite consumers and responsive websites are becoming the norm. Users are adapting to new technologies at an exceptional rate, and responsive websites are becoming a priority as the majority of users will browse websites from their smartphones. The average user spends around 39% of their time online on a smartphone.

Understanding Responsive Websites

Membership Management Software Solution Expands to the UK

Member Evolution has begun collaborating with The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades (IFEAT) based in London. IFEAT embraces the interests of global flavour and fragrances industries across the globe. This sector employs millions of people ranging from small businesses to large organisations, involved in essential oils production, aroma chemical manufacture, flavours and fragrance compounding, trading and consumer product manufacturing.

Looking for a Feature Rich Membership Management Software to Manage your Members?

For your organisation you may not need all of the bells and whistles that a software provider offers but the more that they align with your goals and visions the better. If you’re after a membership software solution upgrade, decide on what features are important and what needs to change from the old to the new. Are you after features that allow automation in reporting and invoicing? Do you want to easily manage your events? Or do you want your members to have more interaction with each online via collaboration hubs?

ME’s First of Many Responsive Association Membership Management Website

The Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) was Member Evolutions first responsive membership management website. The chamber represents over 300,000 businesses so it was vital that their member management solution was responsive to cater for their growing consumer needs. ACCI’s new website was launched on the 14th of August 2105 and has seen a substantial increase in website traffic from smartphone and tablet users.

4 Great Reasons to use a CRM to Grow and Expand your Membership Organisation

The customer relationship management (CRM) system has become an extremely vital part of day to day operations for many corporations, associations and NFPs. As technology is constantly improving so does the CRM becoming more and more Intuital and literally being a CRM that ‘thinks’.

Learn how to grow your Online Presence via a Google Livestream Event

Join us for Google Partners Connect

The internet offers each association and NFP the chance to be successful online; this includes building your online presence to increase website traffic to your association membership managed website. We believe this free livestream event will benefit staff members currently working within the association industry, where you will learn new ideas on how to maximise your online presence, and grow your membership organisation.

Is Online Learning right for your association?

There is no doubt that Online Learning or e-Learning is gaining popularity and has now become a widely used education medium that is almost expected to be part of any curriculum.

How to use Barcodes and QR Codes to Streamline Events and Conferences

Barcodes are used all the time and particularly when you go grocery shopping. QR Code scanners are used in the same way allowing you to verify, check and track your event attendees. We will give you a few tips on how you can utilise these features to make your events and conferences a breeze while easily being able to track and monitor your event attendees. 

Easy Event Check-In 

NFP & Association Membership Management Software User Research Report

Capterra performed a survey in early 2015 covering 400 businesses of all shapes and sizes to compare the different types of membership management software they are currently using. 
Managing an association, NFP or organisation before the times of automated membership management systems was hard. Membership information was previously saved in spreadsheets and there was duplicated and inaccurate data all over the place.