Efficiency in Cloud Solutions Can Save Your Organisation in Time or Money

Membership organisations may be able to save money by having the right processes in place.  They may also be able to save time by not having to switch from one solution to another to complete a task.  All the little bits can actually add up to quite a substantial amount.
A Recent Article from Association Now talks about how easy hidden costs can add up - in this instance they highlight the gain made by all those little amounts as a really good example of how much it can add up to.  In ‘The Hidden Costs of Inefficiency’ Ernie Smith concludes that inefficiencies are a major money maker if you are the one offering the inefficient service. 

Membership Software Tailored to your Association and NFP

Having the right membership software fit for your organisation should benefit your overall organisation, and there are a number of factors that contribute to the success of a membership software solution.

What do you want to achieve from your Association Software Solution? 

Is your Association Website Mobile and Tablet Friendly?

Google has definitely noticed that more and more users are accessing websites via their mobile devices and tablets, and they have predicted that mobile and tablet searches will exceed desktop in the very near future. Therefore towards the end of 2014 Google announced that mobile user experience would be considered in their algorithms.

How to Send Targeted Newsletters Increasing Member Engagement

Newsletters are a popular way to communicate with your members, but there is a right and wrong way!
The challenge many associations are faced with is providing news that keeps all members interested and engaged. Sure there will always be General Industry News but more often than not you might have news that is relevant only to a small percentage of your audience. You’ll want to send it teveryone? If you do that you risk sending too much information that most won’t read and you’ll run the risk of boring your audience and ultimately becoming irrelevant.

Top Tips for Running a Webinar for Associations

A well run, smart webinar is a powerful content marketing tool. If you make a connection with each audience member through presenting an organised and content rich webinar you will be on your way to becoming an expert in your field. 

Not all webinars run so smoothly, and if your presentation has faulty slides, bad crackling audio or worse, the chances are that you may loose the trust and respect of your audience you have worked to hard to obtain. 

The Institute of Management Consultants Launches Association Management Solution

The Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) plays a crucial role in the development of Australian organisations. IMC provides advice and assistance, consultant’s aid industry in determining and achieving their objective. The national office is located in Malvern, Victoria where the professional body represents consultants from all across Australia with chapters in; New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia.

Q&A from the Member Engagement Webinar

If you missed the webinar on Member Engagement - Transform the way users interact with your organisation's website please click here.

Below are questions asked by staff, board members and volunteers within the association space throughout the webinar - Please see the answers below:

1. What sort of internal resourcing is needed to manage gamification?

Australian Organisations Turning to Drupal for Innovation & Agility

Drupal continues to grow its open source management system which powers some of the world’s largest websites. Drupal is fast becoming the web technology of choice for medium and large organisations as well as government bodies to deliver a competitive digital presence.

Drupal powers major public and private organisations in Australia that require a stable and cost effective web presence. The platforms offer highly secure multi-site and multi-lingual capabilities while providing access to cutting edge innovations.

Webinar: Member Engagement Video, Feedback & Polls

Topic: Member Engagement - Transform the way users interact with your organisation's website

Feedback from the Attendees: 

"Well organised, presented and relevant"

"Would have liked a bit longer to have time to go into more detail and practical examples/applications."

"Helping to reinforce what we are currently working on, and some further ideas to consider."

Webinar Details: Strategies to Increase Member Engagement

Date: Wednesday, 3rd December 2014

Time: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm NSW Time

Where: Online - join via your computer!

Presenters: Dan Keller and Bruce Rasmussen