The Academy of Science & Australian Shareholders Association Implement a new Member Management System

Member Evolution has deployed an association membership management software solution to both Academy of Science and Australian Shareholders Association (ASA). Each organisation wanted to improve their member retention, membership value, reporting systems, streamline overall efficiencies and refresh the visual design page layouts and general site navigation.

By implementing an online membership solution an organisation benefits from a verity of outcomes:

Customer Service Guarantees for Association and Not-for-Profit Organisations

Here at Member Evolution we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service and support possible to all of our clients. There is nothing worse for a client than feeling their queries are not being heard or addressed. Adequate support teams need to be in place to both help and support the needs of clients and their members.

The Member Evolution’s cutting edge Association Management solution comes with a range of standard policy agreements to ensure our clients’ needs never get overlooked.

Standard Guarantees

The Core Components of CRM: Integrated Multichannel Strategy

For an organisation to successfully use a CRM membership solution they need to interact with it in multiple ways within an association. An effective way is not to use only one channel but many. Traditional techniques saw organisations using primarily only one main channel to communicate to their members or sponsors. Now new technologies and market forces are dramatically changing traditional channel structures.

Variety of User Purposes

The Core Components of CRM: Effective Customer Segmentation

CRM software can deliver a wealth of benefits to an association however, many associations fail to appreciate that technology is simply just one of the components of a successful CRM solution. Associations implement a CRM as a complete business strategy focused on improving the way they market, communicate, and provide services to members.

National Precast Concrete Association Australia Implements a new online Membership Management Solution

From a business perspective it’s just as important to get projects out the door as it is to gain new leads and sales. Above all it’s important to keep your clients and customers happy throughout the entire cycle and more importantly after their associations website and software is live, along with well into the future for support, hosting and upgrades.

Advantages of Bulk SMS Automated Reminders for Associations

Users are getting increasingly more involved with their smart phones which are now helping organise people’s day to day lives. The change has taken place from using the more traditional diary pen and paper method to storing information and meetings on the smart phone which you always have with you, so the transition makes sense. The growth of smart phones has caused a new focus on mobile marketing where users receive information via a text message.

How SMS works for Associations

FMA Joins the Family

The Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA) joins the Member Evolution family. FMA Australia is the peak national representative body for the facility management industry. The association serves to further the objectives of facilities managers and the facilities management industry, through providing a range of member benefits and services including professional development and advocacy.

Growth of FMA

Frustrated with Repetitive and Time Consuming Invoicing Runs?

Is your association or Not-for-Profit spending too much time on repetitive administration tasks and member related transactions?

It’s that time of year again when memberships need to be renewed and invoicing runs can be time consuming and resource intensive. Staff members are stressed and you need to find a better solution so your association is not in the same position this time next year.

Benefits of Automated CPD Software for Associations and NFPs

Continuing professional development (CPD) and continuing professional education (CPE) should be part of your association's culture. Each industry has their own standards and requirements along with the number of CPD points members are required to obtain every year for them to stay up to date with the latest knowledge, standards, requirements and more.

Deciding on Fully-Automated, Semi- Automated or Manual Processes?

The challenge exists in finding the best solution to suit your business needs. The features and workflows offered need to accommodate your association's requirements and this is an important factor that should be considered. There are positives and negatives with processes however the fully-automated process seems to outweigh any negative aspects that may arise within an Association or Not-For-Profit organisation workflow.

Ask the Right Questions