15 Self Service Member Portal Benefits that will add Value to your Association

Empowering your members, member benefits and member retention are the keywords on all associations' lips, as they strive to add value to their members without realising that for the most part the value is already there - it is just a matter of presentation and education!

Not-For-Profits Turning to a Future in IT

In today's environment Not-For-Profit organisations and associations are driven not by the need to make a profit but to expand, change and stay relevant. The need to stay relevant and evolve with the times is a huge factor as most organisations have unpaid staff and some may have both paid and volunteer staff. Not-For Profits more than ever have a need for efficient workflows and up to date technologies that can be utilised, allowing better collaboration between staff, sponsors and their members.

Utilising NFPs Resources

The Evolution of Membership Management Systems

Aspedia‘s membership management system has been evolving since the company was first established in 1997. Aspedia has helped numerous communities of interest networks worldwide to become Best-In-Class. Developing business process improvements for organisations was key to uniquely positioning clients with strategies and solution to achieve their strategic goals and drive bottom line results.

3 Reasons Why your Association or NFP Needs a CRM System

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is all about managing your association or Not-for-Profit interactions with current and future customers. Member Evolution's CRM allows these interactions with the system being able to capture, interact with and report on contextual business data in a simpler, more intuitive and nuanced manner than ever before.

Connect & Grow with Membership Software

Bring together your association or Not-For-Profit organisation to achieve a successful future with cutting edge membership software. Associations benefit from utilising world class technology and software to maximise professional day to day operations.

Member Evolution's award winning membership software integrates all administrative functions in the one place, providing a centralised hub of information that is easily assessable at your finger tips.

One Centralised CRM System

Top Tips on Visual Branding For your NFP

There are a number of considerations that need to be taken into account when deciding on your association or Not-For-Profit's visual branding message and some of these may include design, location and future growth.

This feature will be on Member Evolution's recent office move where our new location has based us in Brisbane's Technology Park in Eight Mile Plains. The strategic move has placed the team within the technology hub, with easy access to excellent facilities and conference areas.

Growth Strategies for Membership Organisations: Part 2

In part 2 of the top growth strategies for membership organisations I will focus on the marketing and communication aspect that associations and Not-For-Profit organisations can easily implement into day to day activities.

Members are the prime sources of income for any association and having the ability to effectively speak and interact with them is crucial. I will highlight key marketing steps that you as staff members can utilise within your own association or Not-For-Profit.

Top Proven Growth Strategies for Membership Organisations: Part 1

Not only are your members your most valuable asset they are a primary source of income for any association or Not-For-Profit. Members should be your advocates, your hands and feet on the street championing the cause and influencing new members.

Automated Events and Conference Software - Benefits for Association Staff: Part 2

Member Evolution's software solution provides associations with the latest cutting edge membership technology. The automated events and conference section is only one part of many functions the software offers.

Part 1 of the automated events and conference process addressed the effortless event creation procedure for staff, highlighting the additional information staff members can utilise to their advantage.

Automating the Events and Conference Process - Benefits for Association Staff: Part 1

Events and conferences occur year round, and the majority of associations have their own events benefiting members' professions and interests. Event planning and coordinating can be a nightmare for staff with all the added stress and pressure that comes with it. A semi-automated events process allows association staff to create events with ease. Associations need their events and conferences to run smoothly and professionally, satisfying existing members whilst gaining new ones. The process of this will be discussed below in the easy event creation section of this blog.