Automating the Events and Conference Process - Benefits for Association Staff: Part 1

Events and conferences occur year round, and the majority of associations have their own events benefiting members' professions and interests. Event planning and coordinating can be a nightmare for staff with all the added stress and pressure that comes with it. A semi-automated events process allows association staff to create events with ease. Associations need their events and conferences to run smoothly and professionally, satisfying existing members whilst gaining new ones. The process of this will be discussed below in the easy event creation section of this blog.

A New Marketing Tool from the Guys Over at Google!

Google has just launched 'Google Think Insights' which is basically a tool for marketers but upon further inspection, offers so much more. Have a look for yourself at and you will soon see that it offers a massive range of topics, articles, info graphics, webinars and even has an NFP industry segment that can be filtered.

How to Improve Communication and Capture your Members' Attention, Drive Traffic Back to your Website while Increasing your Organisation's Awareness!

As sure as 'death and taxes' eventually all visitors to your website will leave... so what do you do with this 'exit' traffic? Like most organisations you most likely do not even consider it or even realise that you can do something with it.

Online Member Associations Events Systems - How Members can Benefit

The majority of associations will hold events, seminars and workshops for members on a regular basis. The invitations to such events may be sent to members in various different ways including emails, newsletters or even by snail mail. With an online all-in-one event system, associations can easily invite and interact with members regarding upcoming events, allowing members instant access.

Benefits of Cloud Computing for Membership Organisations

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing allows users to access information on the Internet from any device including computers, mobile phones and tablets. The cloud has a large capacity where anyone is able to store data for free or a small fee on the host's servers.

The reason why people and businesses are turning to the cloud is that people can use the latest technology freely without investing the time and money into creating new in-house infrastructure or software. Money and resources are saved, including not having to pay for training or specialised workers.

Automate your CPD Point Allocations

As many professionals are aware, continuing professional development (CPD) points can increase their skill set and knowledge within their chosen profession. CPD can be undertaken by attending seminars or learning events, amounting to a certain number of hours depending on your profession. An example may be to acquire 35 hours a year.

How to get Members to Backlink to your Website, Improving your SEO

What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) involves the process of acquiring traffic from free 'organic' listings on search engines. The three major search engines that generate traffic are Google, Yahoo and Bing. The way Search Engine Optimisation works is by ranking either web pages or other content such as videos or local listings and showing them based on what is considered more relevant to the user. The higher your site is ranked in search engines such as Google, the more traffic will be sent to your site.

Benefits of Automated Online Membership Renewal for Organisations

In this week's blog we will discuss how ever-changing technologies and innovative solutions can help membership-based organisations, companies and Non-for-Profits streamline their membership renewals.

Why is Social Media Important for Non-profit Organisations? Five ways to utilise it

The aim of nearly every association, no matter who they are or what industry they are in, is to effectively communicate with their members whilst reaching new ones. There has to be one thing said about social media, though it has many faults, is it's a great way to connect with people at any time in any place. Here we will discuss several different points as a starting basis for any organisation wishing to communicate via the means of social media.

Aspedia Wins Optus Most Innovative Australian IT Company 2011

Aspedia was nominated in the Optus IT Challenge for innovation late last year. Being one of hundreds of nominees from Small Medium Business (SMB) to Enterprise, the initial stage of the competition involved a peoples choice competition on the dedicated event website. With support from many of our clients and partners, Aspedia placed a respectable third for this stage.